Ply Like Lajkó

Multilayered desk as a tribute to the legendary Tubular Steel Desk. Its name refers to the nickname of its author Marcel Breuer – Laikó. Clean and simple shape is repeated in multiple parallel layers, just as the layers of wood repeat themselves in plywood panels, from which the table is made. Classic curves in a modern design. Besides the worktop the desk offers plenty of space in several drawers.
The table is made of plywood slats with formica. The worktop is made of tempered glass and drawers’ container is made of lacquered MDF.

Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 75 cm. Manufactured by Process company.
The table was presented for the first time at the 100% Design London 2011 exhibition as part of the Czech Selection.

For this desk design I was nominated for Newcomer of the Year prize at the Czech Grand Design 2011.

Photo: Kristina Hrabětová