Apartment at Skřivánek

Transforming an apartment at the housing scheme Skrivanek in Ústí nad Labem is not so much about changing the layout, but more about changing the overall perception of traditional habitation. Reconstruction of an apartment in a concrete block of flats in most cases constitutes of eliminating the defects of the original sloppy technical solutions, leaving aside other aspects of living. In this case the original disposition was not bad. After small corrections, such as connecting the kitchen with the living room and dining room and rearranging the bathroom and toilet disposition, everything was in perfect order.
New floor and wall paneling from roughly processed oak planks, structural plastering and wallpaper with a strong graphic motive gave the interior a new face. Furniture material or color matches the walls and paneling. Solitaires detached in space are in significant color contrast to the shades of honey used in the interior’s toning.
One would not know this is the ground floor of a concrete block of flats, if it wasn’t for the view from windows.

Proposal: 2012