100 buildings – modern architecture of the Central Bohemia Region

Color photographs and informative texts highlight the most important buildings of the Central Bohemia Region, which have been built starting in the sixties of 19th century until present. It describes their authors and almost all styles and directions which Czech architecture has undergone – from historicism through Art Nouveau, modernism, worldwide unique cubism, the art-deco of new independent Czechoslovakia, Plečnik‘s neoclassicism, avant-garde trends such as purism, constructivism and functionalism, and postwar trends, including the Stalinist “Sorel”, brutalism of the sixties, until the present architecture of new objectivity. The selection is varied also in typology: apartments and family houses, weekend constructions, public buildings, religious architecture, industrial buildings, monuments and tombs and also reconstructions of historical buildings.

Photographs Ester Havlová, graphical layout Rostislav Vanek;
Authors Jiří Junek, Šárka Koukalová and Zdeněk Lukeš.

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